Wednesday, December 11, 2013

toys for the kids

Recently I wrote here about the many toy drives happening and Ellen Degeneres has very kindly been promoting this on her popular television program.  I've also seen a number of businesses with collection bins that give shoppers a discount when they drop off a toy.  Churches and other faith communities have gotten in to it as well.  All this is great news. 

There is a bit of bad news though.  Toy collections are down from previous years in many locations.  On top of that, thieves posing as firefighters have gone to several collection sites with large garbage bags saying they are there for a toy pickup.  (Note to stores with collection bins:  Ask for ID!  Firefighters have badges and members of the Marine Corps have military ID cards).  Police are investigating, but meanwhile there are fewer toys.

And this is why I mention the toy drives once again.  If you are able to, help out.  It will mean a lot to a kid!

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