Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Give give give

How many ways are there to give?  My dear readers, the list is endless.  You can give back in so many ways!

Volunteer to tutor kids after school. Go on a trash walk and clean up a local park. Plant a tree. Do a yard sale, and give the proceeds to a local charity. Volunteer at one of the more than 3,190 shelters in the country. Volunteer or donate to a local food bank. Collect non perishable food items at your next birthday party instead of gifts.

Give money to your favorite cause.  Adopt a pet. Read to children at your local library.  Put together a birthday bag for a child living in a shelter. Volunteer at the hospital.  Send a letter to a solider. Donate money in honor of a friend or in memory of a loved one.  Be a big brother or a big sister.

Give, give, give!  It really is a wonderful way to live!  Any special ways YOU have of giving back?  Let me hear from you!

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