Sunday, May 12, 2013

We CAN do it!

I know that some of you already read this daily blog and saw what I had to say just a few weeks ago about an organization called GO INSPIRE GO and the incredible stories they share. Toan Lam got this rolling and has a bunch of folks on board to help spread the inspiration and the love, and as I wrote back then, they are undertaking a huge project now and plan on telling the stories of local heroes all across our country.

50/50 needs money though to get this done. There are wonderful stories of people making a difference - inspiring stories that really should be told and GO INSPIRE GO does such a wonderful job, but making videos does not come cheap. A campaign is underway to raise funds and you can help. Right now $15,690 is still needed to reach the goal of $25,000. Can you help?

Did you ever want to be a producer?  Well for a $250 donation, you can add your name to the credits of all 50-50 videos. A donation of $100 will get you a special Go Inspire Go T-shirt.  Oh course every single donation also get you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping this great project!  Now I seldom write about the same subject so close to the previous time, but I really believe in this!  If everyone reaches in to their pocket and donates, it will happen for sure.  There are so many heroes who we should all hear about - inspiring stories that will hopefull inspire others!  Let's get these stories told! Donate if you are able by clicking HERE. Share this information with friends that you think might be able to help too! These stories deserve telling.

When I look at their homepage this morning I noticed that only 19 days remain in the campaign, but I know we CAN do it!

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