Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dr King's dream

Today is a special day.  It's my birthday, but since this blog is NOT about me, that cannot be why today is special.  It was on this date during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom that some 250,000 civil rights supporters gathered to hear the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr deliver what became his best known speech. Speaking from the Lincoln Memorial, and beginning with a reference to the Emancipation Proclamation, Dr King told the crowd "one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free."
Television, newspapers, and radio stations have been reporting a lot on the famous March and the "I had a dream" speech.  There have been special events designed to teach and to remember.  There will be many more such events today.

At noon today - the exact date and time of Dr King’s famous speech fifty years ago - Grace Cathedral here in San Francisco will ring their bells and join houses of worship across the country in honoring this anniversary.  Following the bell ringing, a service will take place in the Cathedral's Chapel of Grace with The Rev Malcolm Byrd of First AME Zion Church preaching. This evening at 5:30pm at Holy Innocents Church, 455 Fair Oaks Street, San Francisco, their church bells will peal before Dr. King’s timeless words are read together.

I hope you get a chance to hear the speech sometime, especially if it is an original recording.  It's very moving!  Oh and a little side note: As Dr King waved goodbye to the gathered crowd that day, he handed George Raveling (now a retired basketball coach) the original typewritten "I Have a Dream" speech.  It is believed that Raveling still has custody of that original copy.

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