Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Be your own hero

I've talked here before about heroes.  I have asked on occasion who your heroes are and what you think makes a hero.  Having a hero in your life is a good thing, and there is no limit on how many heroes you have.  You can certainly have more than one hero. 
Something we don't give much thought to though is what we think of ourselves.  How do we view our own contributions?  Have we done good and courageous things?  Each of us cannot only have heroes and be heroes to others, we can also be our OWN hero!
Think about it.  Are you proud of things you have done?  Picture that person you consider a hero in your life.  How do they differ from you or do they differ at all?  If you don't consider yourself a hero, there still is time - go do something heroic!

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