Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Always hunger somewhere

Too much to eat? Restaurant portions are often much larger than they need to be and as a result we sometimes leave a lot on our plates. Think about asking for a bag for those leftovers and giving them to the first homeless person you encounter. It’s a simple act. It didn’t cost you anything extra. It can really help ease the hunger being experienced by someone else.

This is just one of the many things we can do every single day to give back and help others. Another possibility is ordering two sandwiches when you place your lunch take-out order. One is for you of course, and the other you simply hand to someone in need that you come across on your way back to work. Yes, this one cost a little, but if you can afford it, it will surely be appreciated!

During November and December there are food donation barrels all over the place and organizations do special holiday lunches or dinners for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes Easter but the rest of the year (except for the weekly soup kitchens and meal programs that exist in major cities) we don’t see this outreach, yet the need still exists. People are hungry every single day of the year. Let’s keep that spirit alive that is so evident during the holidays and do what we can to ease hunger. Simple steps like those above are a place to start and we can also look for year-round food pantries and meal programs to donate to.

If the need is great where you live and it looks like nothing is happening, perhaps you could be the one to start a program!  If you are barely getting by and really cannot afford any extra expense, perhaps you can volunteer for a food program.  That is certainly helpful too!

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