Tuesday, November 19, 2013

how much can you give?

Someone calls you on the phone and asks for a donation or you receive a letter in the mail or perhaps there is a posting on someone's blog that you regularly read. You want to make a donation but you don't think you can afford it or you think the small amount you might give is not really worth it.

Very few of us can donate money to every single cause that comes along, even if we want to. So, just how much can you give? When is it time to step back and donate no more?

In the few lines I write here every day, it would be impossible to give all of the answers on any subject and giving of money is one of the most difficult of all. The best advice I can give is to plan. Don't just reach into your pocket every single time someone asks. Very soon the well would be dry!

Another important thing to remember is that when giving money, EVERY SINGLE DONATION MATTERS. Sometimes we tend to forget that. We think that smaller donations don't matter, but it is those numerous small donations that add up to the big ones!

One thing I like to do is collect money at home for various causes. You can take a few envelopes or jars or even piggy banks and use them to grow donations. One might be for the money you want to give to your church (apart from what you usually give) for some special program or ministry. Another container might be to give money to fight AIDS or cancer or any number of other diseases. You get the idea. You can even have a collection for an unknown cause, just in case something comes up that you want to give to.

Do you usually buy yourself a desert every afternoon, or maybe a coffee? Skip a day (or two or three) and put the money you saved in the jar(s). If you earn a little extra at work (overtime maybe) or doing some special job, put all or at least a part of that in your charity collection jars. Every time you have a little extra money in your pocket, add it to that jar or envelope.

By planning to give something to various causes, you can do so comfortably without fearing that you will leave yourself broke. Saying no is okay too. Always be aware of your limits.

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