Thursday, November 7, 2013

Promote what you love

What is there in your life that you love?  Does your job bring you joy?  Are you happy in your home life?  Is there romance?  Do you belong to any organizations that give meaning to you?  Did you hear about some incredible thing in the news that really made you happy?
There is so much good in this world of ours and I happily write about bits and pieces of that good here in this space each morning.  What I don't understand is those who promote negativity.  How can that bring them any kind of satisfaction?  Bashing something you hate just brings more hate.  We should never want more hate.
I remember when eleven women broke the barrier against the ordination of women to the priesthood of the Episcopal Church  back on July 29, 1974.  So many hateful things were said back then.  Someone went to a church where one of these new priests was serving and at communion dug is fingers into her arms and said "I hope you burn in hell."  When marriage equality began in a few limited places ten years ago, some of the comments I heard were so vile, I won't even repeat them here.
Okay, I get it.  Not everyone thinks the same way.  That's fine.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Instead of negative hateful messages though, perhaps we can look at some things we agree on.  Certainly there must be something!  Let's promote the things we love instead of bashing what we hate.

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