Thursday, December 19, 2013

Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate?

Listening to a talk show the other day, I heard a well-meaning person several times speak of "lifestyle" and "sexual preference" when talking about lesbians and gays. Well, after the smoke came out of my ears, I realized it was time to do one of those "educational" posts.

First off, it is NOT a preference!  Let me give you an example of preference.  Some people eat vanilla ice cream.  Some like chocolate better.  My favorite happens to be strawberry.  Of course I will eat any of those flavors.  I love ice cream.  What we are talking about here though is a preference.  I prefer strawberry.  It is my personal preference.

Now when it comes to dating men or dating women, this is NOT a preference matter.  I do not simply like one better than the other.  Oh no!  I am ONLY attracted in a sexual and in a romantic way to men.  I am gay.  It is my orientation, NOT my preference.  It's also not a lifestyle choice.  You don't wake up one morning and say "I'm going to wear the gay outfit today."

Now I am sure that someone may disagree with all of this, so I ask as I always do for your comments below.  I'd love to know if anyone agrees.  From where I sit though there is a big difference and saying sexual preference suggests what we make a choice, when in fact our orientation was predetermined and was not out choice.  So, what do YOU think?  Any thoughts? 

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