Friday, March 21, 2014

how we paint it is up to us

For a number of years now I have profiled people and organizations who give back and really make a difference in our world and, when not doing that, have made suggestions about other ways we ALL can give back.  Occasionally I get a bit ahead of myself and start doing multiple things at the same time.  (Currently I am involved in several fundraisers for example, and might not be giving fair attention to them all).  It is easy to spread yourself too thin.  It is also easy for some folks to sit and do nothing.  There is a halfway point though!
What we do in life is up to us.  We are given this broad canvas on which to paint, but the picture isn't known right away.  Some of us might paint many pictures during our lifetime.  We might get involved in many different things.  Some of us will do less.  Sadly, there will be some who do virtually nothing at all.  The significant thing here is that how we paint, is up to us. 
So, take that canvas, and make something really beautiful!

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