Monday, March 17, 2014

Just a cashier

If someone says "she is just a cashier," that's insulting.  (I used to hear "just a secretary" a lot, but the term "assistant" now usually takes the place of secretary).  Every single honest endeavor is important and there is no "just" about it.  Some folks try to make themselves more important but putting others down, but that is just plain wrong.

Lately I have noticed the cashiers in supermarkets and drugstores becoming the victims of this sort of bashing.  It doesn't stop there either.  Often customers treat these service employees so badly that you would think manners had been thrown out the window.

Consider this:  the cashier generally counts your change into your hand, but how many of you hand that cash payment directly to him or her?  All too often the money is just tossed on the counter often with many coins included.  The transaction would be so much faster (and more courtesy would be shown toward the cashier) it that same money had been placed in the cashier's hand.

If the cashier smiles at you and says hello, don't assume they have some hidden motive.  Perhaps they are just being polite.  Oh and when the cashier asks if you want a bag, it is because we are trying to save the earth and not use bags as much as we did.  Instead of immediately placing every purchase in a bag, it is hoped that many customers will bring their own reusable bag or will simply carry their purchase in their hands.

Cashiers are people doing a job.  Treat them in the same manner you would like them to treat you.

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