Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Before you donate

Donating money to a charity can be a wonderful thing. We have talked about that here on many occasions.  Making random contributions though to unknown charities might do little except to empty your bank account.  Therefore, I give you a top ten list of questions you should ask yourself before donating.

10.  Have I ever given to this organization before?

9. How does the charity acknowledge my donation?

8.  Is this charity local or does it stretch beyond my town?

7.  Do any of my friends or relatives donate to this cause?

6.  Are the employees/officers of this charity paid inflated salaries?

5. How much of my money goes directly to those in need?

4. Do I feel strongly about this cause?

3. Are my actions/donations really helping?

2. How can I help, beyond making this donation?

And the number one question you should ask yourself before donating:
1. Is the charity reputable?

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