Monday, April 7, 2014

no negativity!

There are so many wonderful positive things in this world to celebrate that it seems to me that negativity has no place.  Yes, there are those who are always moaning and groaning about something, and there are newspapers and television stations that seem to enjoy showing the bad more than the good, but that doesn't mean for one moment that we have to follow along!
Yes I am repeating what I said here just a couple of weeks ago, but it's important.  I said we should promote the things we love instead of bashing what we hate.  There are so many things that I truly love and am inspired by that this is very easy for me to do. 
What's in the news today?  Do we hear anything about the kids that are collecting for charity of about the program that helps senior citizens or the heartwarming tale of a community activist who is making a difference in our world?  Perhaps we don't hear those stories in the mainstream press, but I am happy to share them here.  The incredible tales I hear from Go Inspire Go or from San Francisco Night Ministry or any number of other organizations that share good news, give me great hope for our future.  There is so much good out there!  Let's celebrate it and no wallow in the negative.

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