Thursday, October 30, 2014

The triduum of Allhallowtide

Just the mention of the triduum of Allhallowtide probably has you scratching your head, but that is what is coming up beginning tomorrow. We first have Halloween, then All Saints' Day, and finally All Souls' Day. This started out as a Christian observance. These days, while there is certainly still a Christian celebration of All Saints, the rest has become very commercialized and secularized.
Remembering the dead, especially our own family members, is a wonderful part of the three day observance.  This particularly gets attention on the last of the three days.  Many Catholic and Anglican churches will have special masses on All Souls' Day to pray for the departed.
Halloween gets the most attention of course.  Here in San Francisco, it is practically an actual holiday!  People dress up in costumes and attend parties and it isn't just for the kids anymore! Oh and don't be surprised to find traditional foods like potato pancakes, caramel apples, colcannon (a traditional Irish dish made of mashed potatoes and kale), cider, popcorn balls, and soul cakes.  There are numerous Halloween customs and trick-or-treating (going door to door in costume and asking for candy "treats") is probably the best known.

As you probably have heard a million times by now, the San Francisco Giants last night won their third World Series trophy, and even though it has nothing at all to do with the Allhallowtide triduum, there will be big celebrations for that tomorrow as well, including a festive parade with all of the ball players.  It may be hard to tell if the orange and black is for the Giants or for Halloween, but it really won't matter.

I could easily go on and on about the many associated traditions for these upcoming three days, but why not look into it a bit yourself?  Oh and whatever you do, but safe and have a positive experience.  I'll see you on Monday as I finish my packing!

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