Wednesday, November 19, 2014

food for everyone

Seeing folks drop canned goods in the many collection barrels at this time of year, always warms my heart.  There are actually places that have year round collections and how wonderful is that? The need certainly doesn't only exist in December.  We hear about canned food drives around Thanksgiving and Christmas, not the need seems to always be there.
It would be wonderful if nobody ever had to go a day hungry.  There are obvious health issues if you don't eat regularly and your over-all personal feeling is certainly affected by the food you consume.  Think about how that delicious plate of pasta made you feel last night, or those warm cookies that had just come out from the oven.
While those collection barrels at your local stores and churches and organizations are certainly helpful, they are not enough.  This rich country of ours needs to do more to address the issue.  There needs to be food for everyone and there needs to be ways for this to happen.  Government assistance is part of it and there are a number of wonderful organizations out there stepping up.  One such organization is called No Kid Hungry, and I urge you to take a look at their website at and check out Feeding America at too.
There is a lot more we can talk about and there is something each of us can do.  That can in the barrel is certainly a good beginning.  We are not going to solve the hunger problem in the United States today, but at least we can make a start.

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