Monday, January 26, 2015

Back from hospital

Usually here I talk about how we can all change the world and how we can make a difference. I'm always happy to share stories of hometown heroes. I don't write personal things as a rule because this blog is NOT about me, but this morning I need to make an exception. Usually I write here every morning except weekends.  Right after my Friday entry, I took and unexpected trip - to the hospital.

I'm home now. Found out by almost dying, that I am a diabetic.  There was definitely several learning experiences here.  One thing is to pay attention to any signals your body gives you.  Even if it is trivial, it might be the sign of something serious, so check.  I don't mean you have to run to the doctor, but check with information sources, and if you ever think you have an emergency, call 911 or get to the nearest hospital!  Another thing I learned is that lifestyle changes don't have to be difficult.  I need to change a lot of things now with diet, exercise, and medication, but I can do it and life can pretty much be the same as it was.
Another thing I learned is that heroes are everywhere!  The number of comments and well-wishes I have received in the past two days has been amazing!  The hospital people were simply incredible.  One of my nurses was named Angel, and she was a true angel!  I'll never forget these past few days!
Don't worry.  Tomorrow, I should be up and writing again at the usual time.  Hope you will be reading along then! 

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