Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a brand new year!

If you are like me, you'll spend the next few days writing 2014 on things and saying "next year" when you really mean "this year," because despite all of the noise we make every year on New Year's Eve, there really isn't a magic sign that shows us that anything is at all different. Today began pretty much like all days begin and so it will be for tomorrow and the day after. Yet something did indeed happen at midnight last night - the same thing that happens every December 31st. One year ended and another began.

Our magazines and news programs reminded us of the famous people we lost in the past year. For many, there were also private memories of family members and friends who died. We looked at progress, or the lack of it and news stories that touched our lives. There were many folks saying they were glad 2014 was over because they had not done what they wanted to.  What I kept hearing last night was that 2014 had let us down.  Of course I heard the same kinds of things said a year earlier about 2013!
We don't control all that happens around us of course, but we can control how we think about it and from where I sit, there was an awful lot of good last year!  I rejoice in my new friends and the time spent too with old ones.  I'm thrilled at the advances we are finally making in human rights.  It seems to me like more people are getting involved and making a difference.  I know that I am certainly not running out of things to write about here.
Will 2015 be good to us?  Will we be good to it?  We can certainly help to paint the picture.  It's a brand new year.  Let's make it the best one ever!

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