Monday, February 23, 2015

get out of that rut

Has your routine become boring and your daily existence rather humdrum?  Well, get out of that rut!  Things can be changed!  Life doesn't have to be a constantly turning hamster wheel, but it is up to YOU to do something about it.  First, know that things can change!

Sometimes you have to spice things up - do things a little differently.  Set attainable goals.  You don't have to change every single thing you do, but some change can be quite stimulating and get the whole positive energy flowing.  Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone, or at least know what your comfort zone is.

Regrets? No always a good thing. Regret can bring our mood down and toss us into dead-end thinking where we can actually get stuck. Turn that regret around. What if I had done something differently - then actually DO IT differently!
There is no quick answer to getting out of a rut.  Things will be different for each person.  Know too that you might need help and don't hesitate to get it.  There is no shame at all in seeking help.  If addiction or depression is contributing to this rut, do indeed get someone to help you with it.  Just know that things CAN change.

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