Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One of many

One of many. (Not a Star Trek character. You're thinking of Seven of Nine). I was just thinking though of one marvelous thing, but as I did, I realized that it wasn't the only marvelous thing. There are tons of marvelous things and more keep on coming. It was simply one of many.

When you eat a mouth-watering candy bar, remember that there are more where that came from - it's just one of many.  When you have a wonderful day, think of it as one of many. When you hear a great song for the first time, be happy about that, but realize it is one of many. How about that fantastic breakfast you just ate, of the beautiful flowers you saw during your morning walk? There are wonders just about everywhere you look. We are surrounded by all kinds of goodness, but sometimes we just don't see it.

As you go through today, make a mental note of every positive or joyful thing you experience - all kinds of candy bars?  beautiful flowers?  perhaps smiling faces?  As you do it, think of the fact that your list keeps on growing. We aren't just talking about one thing - we are talking about one of many!

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