Monday, October 26, 2015

We can end hunger

We are just one month away from the annual feast in the United States, where most folks eat too much and where the refrigerator is filled with leftovers at the end of the day. On Thanksgiving families gather together, and friends do too, and the day brings out a lot of generosity, especially when it comes to food. Good things for sure. If we did that year round though, I really think we can end hunger.

For roughly a month every year, there is a big push to collect canned goods for those in need. Certainly a good thing. Some places do this all the time, but give it more attention around Thanksgiving. In addition, there are many places that serve free Thanksgiving meals to those who can't afford it. Aren't those folks just as hungry right now though? Will anyone be serving free meals in honor of Halloween this weekend?

I'm not trying to put down the good work that is being done, but I am suggesting that we might stretch it to cover more territory. Are there any hot meal programs in your community? Do they cover each day of the week? I heard once of a small town in upstate New York, where four churches were within two blocks of each other, and together they decided to do meals each Monday through Thursday rotating through each of their churches. The remaining local church heard about this and joined in taking on Fridays. A local synagogue stepped up and agreed to do Sunday meals since the other faith communities were otherwise busy that day. All that remained was Saturdays and the local community center gave the use of their kitchen to a youth organization, who served meals then. Together, several different groups came together and filled a need.

Working together can be a big deal. Perhaps you are the one who can get the ball rolling. I'm proud to know several different people who have organized various food programs, and I can tell you, they do make a difference!

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