Thursday, March 24, 2016

So you want to change the world, huh?

A long time ago I said that I wanted to change the world for the better. Some of my friends thought I was crazy. A few seemed supportive, but really questioned what one person could do.  I did little things like volunteering or donating money or writing letters, but a little over six years ago I decided I needed some help in the effort and I began writing this blog.
There is a counter on this that tells me how many people visited the page.  It even tells if they typed in the URL or if they were referred here from another site, like a search engine.  There is no way of course to know how many actually read what is here once they arrive and no way either to know if these words ever motivate anyone to become more involved.  I can always hope of course! 

Right now I am on a brief visit to San Francisco, the city where I lived most of my life and where I was living when I began blogging.  I met so many folks here over the years who indeed are changing the world.  Perhaps it's because this is a big city and so actions are more visible, but I really think that people can do great things and make a difference, wherever they live.  Some of my ideas are certainly related to any town.
My ideas are not the only ones and I am always happy to write about folks how are already stepping up and doing wonderful things for others.  Please let me know about any hometown heroes that you know of, so that we can tell others.  Give us your suggestions on how to change the world too.  We're not looking for a list of things that are bad and why our community or our country or the whole world is falling apart.  Tell us instead how you think things can be better.  What do you think would make this a better world?  Do feel free to write in the comments section below and together perhaps we really will change the world!

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