Thursday, March 31, 2016

suggested subjects

Equality and fairness are spoken of here often along with a number of charities and several people who happen to be heroes of mine. I've also written a lot about community activism, animal cruelty, hate crimes, donations and volunteerism, and all kinds of ways to make a difference in this world. Are there subjects I am missing? Can you think of some areas I should say more about?  I KNOW everything hasn't been covered.

I love to tell the story of those wonderful people who inspire me. Hopefully they inspire you as well. Some of these folks I have written about a number of times (and will likely write about them again). Since this blog is NOT about me, it really shouldn't be just my subject picks either. That's where you can really help out.

Do you know some superstars that I should bring to everyone's attention? Are there some charities or causes that really need to be talked about? Making this world a better place is a pretty big subject, but perhaps you can all help me break it down a bit more. Live some comments below, and we can head in a number of different directions. I'd love to see suggested subjects from many of you!

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