Tuesday, March 8, 2016

what's your favorite day?

Tomorrow is the time of week we often refer to as Hump Day. For those working Monday through Friday jobs or those going to school each day, Wednesday falls right in the middle, so once we pass it, we are over the hump. Of course that would only be true if you hate your job. If you love it, you probably can't get enough.

Back in the 80s, the Canadian rock band Loverboy sang Everybody's working for the weekend. We would seem to be saying the same thing. Weekdays just aren't very nice!

Monday gets the most complaints. It is the day after the weekend of course. It's the day on which people go back to school or to work. People say they dread those Mondays.

So, what's your favorite day? I suppose many would choose Wednesday because of that hump thing (which has nothing to do with camels, except that they too have humps. How often can I post a picture of a camel here though)? Many are going to like Friday best because they are completing their week. Saturday or Sunday of course get high marks because that is what everyone is working toward. I submit though that if you are really hating those weekdays that much, something needs to change. Is your job or schoolwork really that unfulfilling? Do something about it!

Yesterday I had a great day, and it was a Monday! How about you? Was yesterday really all that bad? Think about it. Every single day of the week can be good. Let's work on making it that way. Perhaps a good start would be if we all tried to brighten the day of other people!

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