Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Arizona sunrise

This is only my second April living in Arizona, but the view here from just about anywhere is breathtaking. Lovely images of nature's beauty seem to be just about anywhere you look. It's especially nice at this time of year too because the sun is already up when I head out to jog before 6am. It's not too hot yet either.

When you live in a big city, there's a different kind of beauty - sometimes it's manmade. I loved running past shop windows or urban parks at the start of day back in San Francisco. I can recall the lovely sights from my Upstate New York childhood too. It's everywhere. Enjoy the views that brighten our days.

One of the really cool things is that we don't all have the same view. Even within one town, there are going to be differences depending on which direction you are going or the street you are on. Trees might block part of your view, but look down and discover the flowers or look the other way and perhaps there are some birds. After living in the city most of my life, I was really surprised at the animal life I have discovered here, including all kinds of birds, all sizes of lizards, and cute hopping rabbits. (Oh and there are snakes too, but that's when I prefer to look the other way).

The Arizona sunrise was gorgeous this morning. I don't think the day will get too hot either, so I just might go out and explore some more of the views! Have a wonderful day. Enjoy the scenery wherever you are.

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