Friday, April 15, 2016

Give me a hand

Have you ever heard someone say "Give me a hand?" What was your response? Did you help out? Did you get involved? Most of the time it isn't a life or death situation and you aren't pulling someone up from the side of a cliff, yet every time we are asked for help, we should do our best.

I have seen people take on overwhelming tasks all by themselves and succeed. So have that kind of determination. There are things though that we cannot do alone. Sometimes it takes many hands to make things happen. I'm thinking this morning about all the volunteers that give comfort to patients in hospitals and nursing homes, and of the people who come together to help Habitat For Humanity and other organizations build new homes for those who have nothing. I'm thinking about the folks who read to kids in our libraries, who raise huge sums of money for charity, and who help good politicians get elected to office. Many hands can get jobs done.

There are volunteer opportunities just about everywhere. Join in. Give someone a hand. Have an idea that will make things better for someone? Do it, and don't be afraid to ask for others to lend a hand!

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