Sunday, July 24, 2016

A few more things about cancer

A few more things about cancer this morning.  First of all, it isn't just one disease. During the past week, I have been talking here about cancers in general terms, and more specifically, what to do about it. Just like there is more than one kind of cancer, there is more and one kind of reaction. When I said that cancer sucks, and I am going to do something about it, I didn't mean that I would do away with it. How wonderful if that was an option. There are things we can all do that lesson our risks though, and we should give those serious attention. I've also pointed out here how we can render assistance to others, and aid in research and education.

Cancer can occur anywhere in the body, with some cancers more frequent than others. Breast cancer is more frequent in women for example (although it can occur in men). Prostate cancer of course only occurs in men. both men and women see lung cancer and colorectal cancer in high numbers. These blog posts are not meant at all to scare anyone, but cancer can occur at any time, and it is good to be prepared. Your own doctor is always your best source of information on your health. Check out the various links I have posted here as well.

Coming up, I will be back in San Francisco for two important events, and I welcome your support as always, especially at the Light the Night Walk in November. Click HERE to donate to that. Also, consider participating in a similar event near you.
Please feel free to share these posts about cancer, and as I have said earlier, your comments are most welcome too.  Let us hear from you! 

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