Friday, July 15, 2016

Different kinds of involvement

Here in the city where I lived most of my life and where I learned so much about being involved.  Tomorrow and Sunday I will take part in two different charitable events, and I'm also watching how this city has been responding to all the hate in the world.
Sadly, San Francisco is not exempt.  There have been numerous racially motivated hate crimes here recently and crimes against members of the lgbt community as well.  People here don't generally sit back and take what comes though.  They get involved!
Now I won't for one moment say that one method is better than another.  There are many ways of reaching a better world.  Some things work better for some folks than others do.  The important thing is to contribute.  Remember the old saying:  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
I was talking to people here last night about the Sunday last month when the Orlando shooting occurred.  Even though it was on the other side of the country, it really hit home here.  Guns seem to be involved in most or all of these killings and the former mayor of this city is leading the fight to put an end to that.  It is interesting also for me to see people gathering here for a Black Lives Matter rally and notice that the majority of the crowd is not Black!  Not because the African American population here does not care, but because there are not that many of them in the total population here in San Francisco, and because there are so many other caring and loving people who want to get involved.
Talk to the tourists when you ride through the fog on a cable car.  Something that small can make a difference.  Phone calls, letters, and emails to elected officials help bring change.  Speaking up whenever we see wrong is really an important way to contribute.  So many different things we can do - perhaps we can get involved in it all!

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