Friday, July 22, 2016

organized in fighting cancer

The fight against cancer should be a solo performance, and thankfully there are many resources. Years ago, I briefly worked for the American Cancer Society (and continued for some time to volunteer with them) and I was amazed at all of the resources they offer. There are many other cancer organizations too, some which deal with a specific cancer and some that support a certain geographic area. Want to do something about cancer? Here's another place to begin.

The website for The American Cancer Society is excellent - - and there you can also find out about volunteering, if that is something at interests you, and you can also make donations. There are many ways to donate too, such as giving your air miles or hotel points, or even making IRA donations, or giving your car. Their website also has live chat and information on every type of cancer. I love all of the suggestions they have on how you can get involved too, such as giving a cancer patient a ride to chemotherapy, sending out emails to friends and family about their cancer screening guidelines, or putting together a team for cancer-related fundraiser.

The American Cancer Society is one of many great places to get involved in the cause. In the San Francisco area, I am a big fan of Friends of Faith, which I mentioned earlier this week. Visit their site at and find many more resources. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (which deals with blood cancers) has offices across the country and has many ways to get involved, including their annual Light the Night Walks. You can find them online at

These are but a few of the many cancer-fighting resources and organizations. Do feel free to mention others and perhaps some of your own experiences, in the comments section below.

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