Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ready to fly

Right now I am at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, just getting ready to board a flight to San Francisco for a weekend of raising money and awareness. I don't have time to say much now, but keep the Orlando victims on your heart. Think also of lgbt people who have been victims of violence and all African Americans who have been murdered. Think long and hard about guns too. Just what is the solution?

During this trip, I will be taking part in the 30th AIDS Walk San Francisco, a 10k fundraising walk to fight the epidemic. This will be my 22nd time walking, and I am really excited to be walking with a special team I formed. I know this blog is supposedly NOT about me, but please allow me this exception. The cause is an important one, and I would be honored to have your support. Please click HERE to go directly to my secure fundraising page at the AIDS Walk site. Donations can be anonymous too, if you prefer.

I'm also honored to be taking part in a community fundraiser for another organization on Saturday. I love it when people gather together to help others, and I know this is going to be a wonderful event too!

Along the way, I will still be writing here, even though I will be away from my usual writing window. Right now though, I'm ready to fly! 

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