Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Something to help

Making a difference, for the better - that is the theme of this blog, but what about cancer?  How on earth can I make a difference, and why should I even be concerned? Although I am personally very healthy, as I pointed out yesterday, I have been touched by cancer many times over the years and have lost a lot of friends and family members. My grandmother had stomach cancer, and I never want to witness the pain and discomfort she experienced. I vividly remember my mom's last hours too, when she was gasping for air due to her lung cancer.  So, what do I do?

First of all I want to point out that I am not a doctor or scientist and nothing here should be taken as medical advice. Actually you can read these entries from any day on any subject, and the words I am putting down are simply ideas. I'm sharing thoughts with those who care to read them, and those who care to get involved. We can't change the world by sitting home watching old I Love Lucy episodes!
We are all affected by cancer in some way, and we can all do something to help.  Remember those lists I have shared here about random acts of kindness?  Well they are endless.  The same is true in the fight against cancers.  There is not just one answer.  When you are diagnosed with a cancer or when you hear the news from a family member or someone at work, what happens first?  The same thing is true.  There is not just one answer.  We all deal with things differently.  Rage, tears, quiet contemplation, and any number of emotions can result.  Information is a good place to begin.  Know as much as you possibly can.
Notice I have said WE are all affected and WE can all do something?  That word 'we' is important, because cancer is something that nobody should have to deal with alone.  There are all kinds of supportive individuals and organizations that deal specifically with cancer.  Seek them out.
If you and everyone in your circle of friends is currently healthy and you aren't dealing with treatments and healing, you might consider volunteering at cancer treatments centers, at a hospice, and charitable organizations that deal directly with cancers, or at hospitals.  Donations are welcome too and can do all kinds of good.
There are numerous events all over the country that are excellent resources and sources of support, and I want to mention some of them here tomorrow.  We can look further ahead to many ways to kick cancer in the butt.  Please feel free to comment below also.

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