Monday, July 18, 2016

the process

The whole process of choosing our leaders, isn't always something I agree with. I always prefer taking the high road, and so mudslinging and name calling is counter to who I am. The Presidential race has already been pretty divisive, and I don't really expect for things to improve. The party conventions begin today. This week it's the Republicans and next week the Democrats.

Turn it all off and wait for November? While that might be tempting, you might not be as well informed that way. It is better to vote with knowledge. Who is the best candidate? While I don't ever say how to vote, I will over and over urge you to be part of the process. Get involved. Listen to what the candidates are saying. Do you agree with them? Perhaps you should look at someone else. Who cares about people - about ALL people. Who has education or experience that will help them? Don't just check out those running for major office. Make sure you concern yourself with the local contests as well. If you see a candidate you really like, maybe you will want to volunteer for their campaign.

The other really important thing is to VOTE. Seriously. So many folks stay home. This is a sacred right and each of us can make a difference. Primaries count, as does the general election. In most places you can vote from home if you request a ballot early enough, so don't use getting out as an excuse.

Whether you favor the Democrats or the Republicans or the Green Party or any other group, be a part of the process. Your vote makes a difference!

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