Thursday, October 27, 2016

Share a little tea

Is you life at all hectic?  Try though we may, there are moments of tension or stress that would could just seem to not be able to get rid of.  Sometimes we try to do too much or we let things we cannot control overtake us.  Good advise often is to simply slow down and relax and maybe share a little tea.
All of life's answers are not simple ones.  Sometimes we need help.  Never should we feel alone or under a huge weight of burden that we cannot handle.  Certainly I don't have all the answers!  If we really want to change the world though, one things we can do though that is an awful lot of help, if to be present for others!
When things get overwhelming, remember there are professionals out there too.  Don't let stress or worry overtake you.  Slow down and relax, and if you feel you need it, get help.

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