Friday, December 9, 2016

money from the sky

How wonderful it would be if money simply fell from the sky!  As you are well aware though, it does not!
How do churches pay their bills?  How do homeless shelters operate?  Where does the money come from to take care of feeding the hungry or clothing those who cannot afford to buy clothing?  How do help-agencies find the means to keep on going?  It takes money.  Yes it takes desire and a willingness to do something and volunteering is important and the numerous paid employees of non-profits certainly are needed, but the big thing that is common is funding.  Where does that money come from?
The answer is that it comes, at least in part, from folks like me and you.  It doesn't rain down from heaven and many of us - probably most of us, cannot afford to give as much or as often as we would like.  So here's an idea:  make a plan.  Set aside some money as you are able.  This is giveaway money.  Now choose where to give it.  Do you want to spread it out or give it all to one place?  Do you want to give more to one type of organization than to another?
How can you set money aside for this?  Well, do you really need that midday ice-cream?  Can you skip the afternoon latte?  Is it possible to spend a little less at the grocery store (perhaps checking the sale ads and also using coupons)?  If we all tighten our belts just a bit, we can have some of that giveaway money and for organizations in great need, it can be like money from the sky!

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