Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The eye of the beholder

What is the most beautiful thing you can think of? Your mother's smile? How about a colorful flowerbed? Perhaps a gorgeous piece of jewelry?  Maybe a child peacefully napping?  The bright golden sunrise? Beauty might not just be something you are looking at, but perhaps you think first of the beauty of a deed that someone does.
Think about it for a moment. Did you recently hear someone remark "Oh, that's so beautiful"? Do you remember what they were talking about? I remember thinking just that when I watched the Ellen DeGeneres tv show yesterday. Ellen has a way of doing some pretty wonderful things that touch your heart. I have a number of friends who are always doing beautiful things too.
Of course beauty isn't always the same for everyone. It's in the eye of the beholder, some say. Benjamin Franklin wrote in Poor Richard's Almanac back in 1741, "Beauty, like supreme dominion, Is but supported by opinion."

So what do YOU think is beautiful? Please give us some examples in the comments below. I'd really love to hear your thoughts.

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