Thursday, December 1, 2016

what can we do about AIDS?

Today, as you probably know, is World AIDS Day. How many of you remember life before there was AIDS? Let's get to a day where once again, it doesn't exist.

So just what can we do about AIDS? Well to start out, we can be part of the fight - not just on World AIDS Day or when I ask for a donation for AIDS Walk - not just right now as you read this, but until there's a cure. Also we should all know our own status. It is so easy to get tested too. If you have a doctor of your own, you might want to do it there, but there are also so many other places to get tested, especially if you live in a major city. Oh and if you live in a small town and are afraid, take a short vacation to the big city and while you are checking out the sites, have an AIDS test too.

Check out the AIDS Healthcare Foundation at too. There are a number of great resources there. In your own community there are probably a number of organizations that deal with AIDS too. Consider donation money and volunteering. Perhaps you could even hold a fundraiser or some kind or start a program that benefits people with AIDS. When we all work together we can do so much good.

Want some more things you can do? Say a prayer. Write a check. Attend a vigil. Help a person with AIDS shop or clean house. Care. Write letters. Wear a red ribbon. Stay educated. Help dispel the myths. Help provide meals. The list really can go on and on. This is not just a December 1st thing, it's an everyday thing. Care.

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