Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Be a hero of positivity.

Every day you probably hear someone say something that is negative.  Don't let your day be a downer though!  You can be a hero of positivity by always saying things that are encouraging and always looking for the good instead of the bad.
That "sunny disposition" is always welcome around me.  I find it so uplifting to see people smiling and happy and greeting each other with a cheery "Good morning!"  Every single one of us can add to that positive attitude.  Imagine how much happier our days might be if the positivity were increased.  We can all increase it by one!  I'm not just talking about doing away with the negative vibes.  It's really much more than that.  Turn up the positive.
Say hello to strangers.  Be pleasant with store clerks and restaurant servers.  Say thank you.  Smile.  Spread the positive energy.  Choose to see the good stuff in life.  Let your light shine!

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