Tuesday, January 17, 2017

how much?

How much do you want to make out of your life?  No, not how much money.  I'm asking if you have any sort of aspirations.  We weren't just born to pay bills and then die.
Are you someone who always wants to do better?  Do you find yourself reaching for the stars?  Is there a limit?  Do you keep going just because you want things better for yourself, or do you have high expectations for your family, friends, and even your community?  How much achievement is enough?  Should we keep reinventing ourselves?
What gives you joy?  What brings you pleasure?  Do you want more and more of these things?  How much more?  Oh my!  For me there really is no limit.  Every day presents new opportunities and I want to take advantage of each and every one.  I hope that you keep wanting new experiences in your life too.

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