Friday, January 27, 2017

My dear friend

I want to tell you about my dear friend, but my policy has always been to not write about private people without their permission, and he really doesn't want any attention.  I respect that.  I'm still going to write about him though because he is really one-of-a-kind.  I just won't reveal his identity.
This guy is special because he is always positive and upbeat and he get great pleasure out of making other people happy.  He is hardworking, the picture of health, and honest as the day is long.  He has the perfect smile and a wonderful sense of humor.  I cannot tell you how many lives he has positively impacted, but is a great inspiration to me just to know him.
He care about his family too, and his friends.  It's not just strangers that he brings happiness to.  It seems like he makes everyone happy!
Oh and did I mention generous?  He will think nothing of picking up the check in a restaurant, even he picked it up the last time you went out and even if you desperately insist that you really want to pay.
Now I'm not saying everyone should be like my dear friend.  I'm thinking that would be impossible.  How wonderful this world we be though if there were more caring folks like him though!  How wonderful indeed.

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