Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Yada yada yada

First of all, this is NOT a reference to a certain sitcom episode from the past. It's actually in response to what someone said to my face yesterday, about this blog. I was told that once these words were read daily, but now that it is "boring and empty talk about nothing," they no longer bother with it.

Goodness! I certainly don't want to bore anyone. I also don't see how my detailed posts about charities, hometown heroes, and ways we can all give back, could be considered as "empty talk about nothing." I asked so suggestions about how to make this better, but they said it wasn't worth it. I should just stop writing.

Guess what? I have no intention of stopping. I mentioned this to my doctor on Friday, and he liked the idea that I was writing this. Another friend who says she reads this regularly, once told me that even if I only reached one person a week, that was worthwhile. I have said many times that I don't have all the answers, and my suggestions are just that. Some of you may have different or even better ideas (and you are always welcome to share them in the comments section below). I will never stop wanting to make a difference though, and if I can inspire others to join in, who wonderful!

So, if this is a big yada, yada, yada for you, share some of your own ideas. Let's make this more exciting! Let's do some incredible things and make our world a little better each day of our lives!

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