Friday, February 3, 2017

speaking with your wallet

As an expression of protest or disfavor with products, services, policies, or organizations, boycotts can accomplish a lot.  Usually the things I write about here are positive ones - suggestions about doing various things that will make a difference.  Sometimes though, simply NOT doing something can make a difference.  Not eating in a certain restaurant or not shopping in certain stores or not buying certain products can speak volumes.
A personal boycott might not do much, especially if nobody realizes you are boycotting.  There is always more strength in numbers and it is more helpful when you let it be known that you are protesting a particular policy or program or whatever your reason for the boycott might be.
For a long time I refused to go to a certain restaurant where I had been treated very badly.  On principle I of course should not go back there unless there is some kind of apology and amendment of policy, but by personal boycott wasn't making them change - they didn't even know I was boycotting.  When I finally realized this, it became clear that I also needed to communicate the problem that had occurred and to involve others.
If I disagree with the actions a company takes, whether they are small or huge, it makes no sense for me to give them my money.  It makes no sense for anyone to give them their money!  This is when we should be speaking with our wallets.  If an organization is anti-gay or anti-women or if it is racist or if it bullies or any number of other things that I disagree with, I boycott.  I urge you to be informed and to let your wallets do the talking too!

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