Tuesday, June 6, 2017

all kinds of heroes

The Pride Celebrations of the LGBT communities all around the world are happy and joyous, in part - but they are also rallies for justice and continuations of the fight for equality.  Along the way there have been many heroes.  In this blog, I write about making a difference, and during Pride Month this year I am zooming on the lgbt community all month.  There have been numerous leaders over the years, a couple of whom I have already mentioned here.  Not all of the lgbt heroes identify as lgbt.  There are numerous non-gay lgbt allies who have made an incredible difference.

These days we know more and more names because folks are less fearful of the gay, bisexual, or transgender label.  Many celebrities are coming out, and that in itself makes a difference, with more visibility.  More people are coming out to family and friends too.  Think for a moment.  How many people do you know who are lgbt?

The heroes?  Well there are certainly too many to write about in just one short month, but they include Cleve Jones, Phyllis Lyon, Dan Choi, Harvey Milk, Gavin Newsom, Dustin Lance Black, Barbara Gittings, Neil Giuliano, Gilbert Baker, and Vic Basile. Also Troy Perry, Bayard Rustin, Adam Bouska, José Sarria, Chaz Bono, Blake Brockington, Ryan Cassata, Dan Savage, and Cecilia Chung.  The list can go on and on, and hopefully more and more folks will come forward and fight for what is right - equality for all.
Please do feel free to share your lgbt Pride stories.  What is the most moving experience you have ever had.  Who are your heroes?

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