Friday, November 21, 2014


Wanted: For Acts of Goodness - the names and information about people making a difference in our world.  Yes, the information is wanted because there are tons of fantastic people out there doing wonderful things, but we don't always get to hear about them.  We should celebrate their good deeds and be inspired by them.  Perhaps you can help!
I'm always looking for new ways to brighten people's days and to give back to this wonderful world.  I'm always happy to write about others here too - those hometown heroes that truly are making a difference.  Sometimes I just bump into someone.  Occasionally a friend mentions a story or I come across something in a newspaper or on television.  Another way of course is if you would help!  If you know of a person or organization that is doing something marvelous and making a difference for the better, share that information with us in the comments section below!
While the information is certainly wanted, so are more folks like that.  Don't be afraid to try new ways of giving.  Don't be afraid of changing the world!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Be the light

The things that light up someone else's life aren't necessarily complex things. Walking down the street and bring greeted by a hearty hello is a sure way to give me a smile.
When I first began writing this blog about six years ago, I thought that I might possibly run out of things to say about making a difference in our world. Nope. That is not going to happen! There are so many ways! Having recently moved into a new community, I can see clearly the multitude of differences in my new town and of course, all the similarities as well. The really big and wonderful thing is that we can always help to light the path for others.
Now as you know, this blog is NOT about me, but nevertheless, I do from time to time sneak in little references to things I do and things folks do around me. This morning I just have to mention the friendliness of all these folks I have encountered in the past several says. "Welcome to town," I keep hearing people say to me. A kind lady at the bank told me about various parades and celebrations that take place here. Folks in the coffee shop have been telling me about local museums and galleries. I think I am learning something new every day.
I could walk about in darkness. Where is the closest drugstore? Are there any good sushi places in town? Is there an ATM anywhere close? I could ask a lot of questions and hope I find my way around. The thing is, I've mostly encountered people who are already friendly and helpful. How is it where you live? Do you ever take the time to be the light for others?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Missing piece of the puzzle

Somehow I never really got into the jigsaw puzzle thing.  Mom loved them and I remember her having them laid out on a card table when I was little.  It might take her a while because she stopped to do other things, but when she found those last pieces, it was an accomplishment - especially that last missing piece of the puzzle.
Sometimes our lives are like that.  It doesn't mean we are unhappy necessarily, but we are looking for something that just is not there.  When it comes:  WOW!  It seems somewhat like finding those missing puzzle pieces.  (Now of course if you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you actually look for those pieces.  In life we might not even realize that something is even missing).
So what do we do?  Well, keeping our minds and our hearts open to new possibilities is always a good thing.  Listening to others and realizing that "our" way might not be the "only" way is a start in the right direction.  If we think there is a missing piece that we'd like to find, there is nothing wrong with asking for help too. Perhaps our puzzle pieces are a bit more fluid than those of the jigsaw puzzle.  Perhaps in some cases, there is nothing really missing at all.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kindness is not weakness

Today's message is a simple one.  I don't know who wrote these words, but I believe them and wanted to share them with you.
"Only a fool mistakes kindness for weakness.  There is the heart of a lion within the spirit of a lamb.  Grace is selfless strength."
Indeed, kindness is not weakness.  A message you might wish to share with others.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our pathways

It's often difficult to put ourselves in someone else's shoes to appreciate their journey in life if we haven't experienced the same things as they have. It is very kind though to find compassion for their situation and lend a listening ear when needed.

There is an old saying "Don't expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if the never has to walk your path."  How very true.
Our pathways are different.  Some of us go in different directions but end up in the same place.  Some of us go around in circles or walk paths that seem to lead nowhere.  When we encounter each other along the way though, we should stop and meet and share our common stories.
The pathways of life are varied but they are best enjoyed when shared with others.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

what's going on this month?

The other day I talked about Thanksgiving, and yesterday we had Veteran's Day, but what else happens in November?  You might be surprised at all of the observances. Here are just some of them:

It is Aviation Month, Good Nutrition Month, Hunger Awareness Month, Latin American Month, National Georgia Pecan Month, National Long Term Care Awareness Month, National Novel Writing Month, Vegan Awareness Month, and National Peanut Butter Lover's Month. It's also National Pepper Month, National AIDS Awareness Month, National American Indian Heritage Month, National Diabetes Awareness Month, National Epilepsy Month, National Stamp Collecting Month, and National Raisin Bread Month.

Some are more fun than others of course and the purpose of all of them is to raise awareness, so now you know!

Monday, November 10, 2014

I can almost smell the turkey!

November is the favorite month of the year for many, and Thanksgiving Day is a big reason why. Since I was just a kid I have always loved Thanksgiving and while I know it is still a couple weeks away, I can almost smell the turkey now! I thought I'd take a moment to talk about what it all means.

First of all, as much as I love turkey, I really don't like the nickname "Turkey Day." Thanksgiving is so much more of course. (Not to mention that not everyone eats turkey, although I don't know why). As much fun as the football games are, and the huge feast, and the preparations for Christmas, the big thing is coming together and giving thanks. Some other countries do similar observances, but only Canada does pretty much the same customs as in the US, except that theirs is a bit earlier, in October.  The holiday has traditionally been a celebration of the blessings of the (agricultural) year, including the harvest. More recently a lot of folks have included all blessings that have come their way during the year (and some folks, during their lifetime).  Families generally gather to celebrate and often in larger number than at any other time during the year.
So giving thanks and being together with family and friends is what it's all about.  Now of course we don't have to wait until then.  If you know me, you know that I would suggest that we have Thanksgiving every single day of the year!  Wouldn't that be great.  Let's always be thankful, not on just one day!