Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jubilee revisited

I have encountered a lot of wonderful folks over the years that I have written this blog.  It does my heart good to know that so many out there already give back and make a difference in this world.  My main goal here is to encourage more of that and so I generally write in very broad terms with suggestions of what we ALL might do, but often I hear about role models that I just have to tell you about.  Most of the time those people are either very well known and I write from information that is generally available to the public, or I write about people I have met.  Today I want to remind you of some guys I first told you about last summer - The Jubilee Project.

The Jubilee Project began with a fundraising youtube video two years ago, following the earthquake in Haiti.  Click HERE to see Jason in his effort to raise money to help out.  Jason was a consultant who got together with friends Eddie (who had worked on the Obama campaign in 2008) and Eric (a student at Harvard School of Medicine). They started making more videos, not just for Haiti, but for various causes.  One of them brings awareness to the bullying problem.  Another video is about losing a loved one.  The most recent one, which I told you about last month, focuses on autism.  They are all designed to bring awareness or raise money and to make a difference.

A couple of these Jubilee Project videos actually brought me to tears.  They are all done so well!  Oh and sometimes they just do a fun one that says thanks.  Check out this one HERE.  Oh and share the videos with your friends too!

The guys have quit their jobs and are now doing The Jubilee Project full time.  They really believe in what they are doing obviously and I am quite impressed.  I know that good works so often encourage other good works and so hopefully over time more and more good will come from their efforts.  In the weeks ahead I intend to contact them so that I can write a future update that is full of more information.  I can tell you that they have all of their videos available online for you to see and they also have a website and a presence on facebook. 

The website, which is simply has a tab where you can learn more about Eddie Lee, Jason Y. Lee, and Eric I. Lu and where you can also donate to their efforts.  You can also just click the link here on my page.  After writing about them the first time I heard back with a humble not of thanks.  These guys sure have their feet planted firmly on the ground.  Check them out.  The Jubilee Project is such an excellent example of giving back and making a difference!