Thursday, September 18, 2014

No place for hate

There really should be no place for hate. Seriously. I prefer writing about positive things. How can we change the world? Let's do some random acts of kindness! Let's change for the better. That's what I like to write about. I really don't like saying that this is bad or that is bad. It is so much more uplifting to say what is good and to talk about that. Love is good.

Today though I am not going to talk about love though and I'm going to be negative because as hard as I try, I cannot find anything positive to say about hate. I really fail to understand why there is so much hate in the world and with it so much fighting and so much crime. How may people have been injured or even killed because of hate?  Does hate come about because we are all different from one another?  That would seem to be more of a reason to celebrate.  We should rejoice in those differences rather than fight over them
Yesterday I was reading about the marriage of two people that was interrupted by an intruder yelling hateful messages.  Minutes later I was reading about a state that just began same-sex weddings and the comments under the news article were mixed with not only hateful but downright disgusting messages.  Of two women exchanging their vows, someone wrote "I hope they die an early death."  Someone else wrote "This makes me puke." 
As a youngster I remember when President Lyndon Johnson worked so hard on civil rights and I remember all of the racially negative things I heard.  It may seem hard to believe, but in some parts of this country, it's almost like we haven't changed at all since then.  I still hear people slinging pejorative terms at those who may be different from them.
There should be no place for hate in our society.  We shouldn't put up with it.  We have the power.  We can make it end.

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