Friday, October 10, 2014

the importance of voting

Some places on this earth do not let the people have a say in pretty much anything. Then there are countries, like ours, where the people do have a voice, but sadly don't always use it.  It's not Election Day just yet, but most places allow for early voting, either by absentee ballot or by voting in person at the elections offices.  Just a few short weeks from now will be Election Day itself.
Why does this matter?  In the United States, the people decide who holds office.  The people choose their mayors and governors and legislators and sheriffs and of course we the people decide who will be our president.  We have the power!  State and local propositions are there for our consideration too.  There are important things for us to decide on.  Sadly, some folks never even register to vote and of those who do register, many don't even bother to cast a ballot.
It's sad when we have this incredible right and we ignore it.  To be able to shape our towns and states and our country is a great privilege that, as I said, folks in many parts of the world cannot do.  Let's all step up and let our voices be heard!  VOTE!

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