Friday, November 28, 2014

Not yet Christmas

You wouldn't know it from the tv advertising and the scenes in most retail stores, but it's not yet Christmas. It's not even December! In fact Advent, the pre-Christmas period of anticipation that many churches observe, doesn't even begin until Sunday. Why the rush?
I hear people say it every year.  They aren't going to decorate early.  They aren't going to give in to the Black Friday madness.  Christmas is such a wonderful time, let us give it our all, but let's wait until it actually arrives.  Oh and the twelve days of Christmas?  Let's go back to celebrating that way, but the 12 begins on December 25th - that's not when it ends!
I love the season of giving and the emphasis that is placed on helping folks who are without.  I love the parties and the joy.  I really do.  What I am not a fan of is the rush and the early start.  Some folks begin trotting out Christmas decorations or merchandise before summer is even over!
So, let us continue to enjoy our Thanksgiving weekend and then let us let the season build slowly.  Let's not let any stores or businesses rob us of this great celebration and let it continue on after the sun sets on December 25th too.  Oh and happy holidays?  I have no problem wishing folks happiness for the several celebrations that happen to come near each other each December, but there is also nothing wrong with a specific wish for a happy Chanukah or Christmas or Kwanza or New Year's, but not yet!

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