Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More to Come

One of my memories from childhood is sneaking those moments from Johnny Carson's late night program, when I was supposed to be in bed.  I always enjoyed Johnny both as a comedian and as an interviewer, but the odd thing that stand out in my mind is that whenever they broke for a commercial, it would say on the screen More to Come.  A lot of people look at New Year's Eve as an end time, but I prefer to think about more to come.
Yes, in a few hours 2014 will be gone.  The very moment it leaves though, 2015 is here.  It happens like this every year.  The world keeps on spinning and anything you were doing at 11:59, you can continue doing at !2:00 and 12:01.  Some people get all bummed out that things were neglected and goals were not met.  I'll be the first to admit that things don't always go the way we plan, but sixteen hours before the year ends, is not a good time to lament our failings.  The next year will give us new opportunities and new chances to do wonderful things and take another crack at those goals or even come up with some new ones.
I could take this time today to look back on the bad things that occurred in 2014, but enough other people are doing that.  I could also like at the wonderful things, and may still revisit some of them in the days ahead - it was after all a pretty good year.  I want instead to look at all of our days yet to come.  How many days we have will of course vary.  How we use them will vary too.  We can sit all alone and think about all of the negativity in the world, or we can add our own positive spark to it.  As I say all the time, WE can make a difference.  WE can do good things for others.  WE can be the heroes that our world needs.
What will you do in 2015?  The possibilities are enormous!  Let's change the world for the better.  Let is spread justice, equality, peace, and love.  We don't run out of time at midnight tonight.  There is still more to come!

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