Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hats off to Lacuna Giving Circle

The year is almost over. People trying to take advantage of tax deductions, are making last minute donations to worthy organizations. One that I can suggest is Lacuna Giving Circle, because they really are more than just an organization and the circle is a key. It's been almost two years since I said anything here about Lacuna, so I think now is a good time.

Lacuna Giving Circle is a collective action fund, so when you give to them, you are really giving to more than just them. How much do you want to do in this world? Are you doing all you want to do? What if a like-minded friend joined you? Could you then do more? How about if two friends joined you, or three, or four? That's the basic idea here. When something is missing, let's fill that gap - let the circle be unbroken. More can be accomplished this way. This particular circle is for the Asian American/Pacific Islander communities.

You can click HERE to go to their website and find out more. You can see the organizations that have benefitted from them and you can even donate yourself.   This is a model I would love to see others follow.  Hats off to Lacuna Giving Circle.  What a great concept.

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