Thursday, February 25, 2016

Looking out for elders too

When we think of bullying, the kids in the hall at school usually come to mind, but it isn't just limited to youth. Anyone can be the victim of bullying, and a growing number of senior citizens have been targets. For those living in senior communities, it can especially be a problem and includes such things as fraud and elder abuse. The bullying I am talking about isn't always senior to senior. Sometimes the children of elders are bullies and sometimes the bully can be a caregiver.

Since I have been writing about bullies here this week, I wanted to mention this too, because ALL bullying is bad. Check out this report from MSNBC on senior bullying HERE.  You might also want to read an AARP article HERE.
Nobody should have to endure bullying.  We need to speak up.  Yes, we even need to look out for elders, because bullying can be devastating at any age.

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