Monday, February 1, 2016

Second month of the year

Welcome to the second month of the year, February. It's the month many people have trouble saying (and for the record, most dictionaries give you a choice) and the month that is full of numerous observances including Valentine's Day on the 14th and Groundhog Day tomorrow. It is American Heart Month, Black History Month, and National Bird-Feeding Month. This year it is the month of Chinese New Year and also the start of Lent.

There is actually an observance of some kind on just about every day this month, and in fact some days have multiple observances. Presidents Day is one of them. Also monthlong, this is National Children's Dental Health Month, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, National Forestry Mulcher Month, and Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month. Yes I know. Some of them sound odd, but these special days are either reason to celebrate or days designed to bring special awareness.

How are you going to spend your February? I urge you to take some time to learn about the first two things I mentioned. Find out more about heart health - it could save your life. Learn more too about Black history, regardless of your own race. At the end of the day we are all one in the human race!

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